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  • Face to Face
    Developing an Anti-Bullying and Harassment Workplace
    Please note this is a paid workshop. Do you know how to deal with bullying in your workplace. During this workshop NSW IR will help you better understand the current laws surrounding workplace bullying. Dealing with bullying is a fundamental aspect of managing your workplace and this workshop will...
  • Face to Face
    Long Service Leave Workshop
    Most private sector employees in NSW still receive their rights in relation to long service leave under the NSW Long Service Leave Act 1955. This presentation will explain the relevant provisions in the NSW Long Service Leave Act 1955 and what is meant by the term pro rata long service leave....
  • Face to Face
    Managing Employees
    Please be advised that this is paid workshop. Managing employees can be challenging at the best of times. Employees have protection from unfair dismissal and adverse action amongst other things. Employers need to be aware of these important issues and how they could impact on their workplace. This...
  • Face to Face
    Parental Leave in NSW
    This workshop will provide information for employers on the Parental Leave provisions in the National Employment Standards (NES) of the Fair Work Act. It will cover eligibility and notification rules as well as recent changes resulting from the family friendly provisions of the Fair Work Amendment...
  • Face to Face
    Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace
    There are many myths surrounding workplace law and dispelling fact from fiction can at times be a daunting exercise. Working through the various layers of employment legislation can be confusing for employers. This workshop helps employers better understand their responsibilities and the rights of...
  • Face to Face
    Workplace Issues for the Social and Community Welfare Industry
    This workshop will cover the key provisions of the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services modern award with particular emphasis on those provisions which impact on the rostering of employees. Attention will also be given to the arrangements for transitioning from wage rates and...
  • Face to Face
    Workplace Issues for Bookkeepers, Payroll and Accountants
    Calculating wages and entitlements can often be a complex and confusing task. Issues such as calculating overtime, shift penalties and allowances are not always straightforward. These issues are the responsibility of the employer but in most instances it is the accountant, bookkeeper or payroll...
  • Face to Face
    Workplace Issues for the Childcare Industry
    Employing staff in the children's services and early childhood education industry? NSW IR is running workshops to help you better understand employment requirements under the Children's Services Award. Employers will learn about the National Employment Standards, modern award coverage, key issues to...
  • Face to Face
    Workplace Issues for the Health and Medical Industry
    This workshop will cover the key provisions of the Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010. The workshop will cover various aspects of the Modern Award, including transitional arrangements for sole traders and partnerships, and your obligations as an employer. Clerical and...